Banksy art: What you should know ?

Banksy – when you take this name, the first thing that comes to mind is Graffiti. But, people hardly know anything about him, except for his arts. An idol for street artists and also the most eminent and debated living artists in the world, Banksy has till date kept his identity hidden.

Every Art Blog has written a lot for Banksy, so we are covering the topic from second hand!

But don’t get sad, his artworks say a lot about his free-spirited world. If you are visiting Briston, you can’t make it through without visiting some of his epic masterpieces. Today he is world’s most expensive artist and his art collection is being auctioned in millions. Here we mention a few of his well-sought art:

The Submerged Phone Booth

The work depicts a red-colored telephone booth emerging from the ground with pieces of rock all around it. The art can be seen in two way – first how telephone booth became a staple of the British lifestyle. The second is the demise of what once was the heart of entertainment and society. From Superman to the Beatles, the object was connected to the art world very strongly. Given the protesting style of Banksy’s artwork, the second description is more fitted to this piece, which is protesting against the anonymity of the modern world.

Girl with Red Balloon

This specific piece of art has been on one of the walls of East London for years, and right now its real value is $2 million. We want to remind this is the only art piece which shredded itself just after being auctioned for $1.37 million. The amazing part was, the price didn’t lessen because the art got destroyed, and instead the price reached 2 million dollars. It was meant to be shredded completely, but right now it’s in a partially shredded state. Even Banksy did not anticipate that the prices will go this high.

Keep It Spotless

This particular art piece here depicts a Los Angeles hotel maid, who is sweeping under the original Damien Hirst painting. It’s clean, beautiful, and suggestive. The art piece was auctioned for $1.3 million.

What we know about Banksy’s other works?

Political and interrogative, his other artworks puts light on the hypocrisy in society and politics. It is said that Banksy was born in Bristol and started graffiti in his hometown only. It was here only that he choose the name Banksy to avoid arrests as graffiti were illegal. As a teenager, he was inspired by Robert Del Naja and started working on his quirky art pieces.

The first exhibition of Banksy’s art were organized in a restaurant owned by his friends in the year 2000. One of his most infamous exhibition till date was when 200 rats roamed around in the gallery. It was that time only when he quoted “If you are dirty, insignificant and unloved then rats are the ultimate role model”.

During this period, he moved to London and adopted the idea of brandalism (brand+vanadalism). Many of the top brands came under attack through his slogans, Nike and Tesco were some of them. His work appeared at very clever locations, attacking the evils of the society.

 In the year 2004, he handed out the fake notes of £10 with the face of Lady Diana on it. Some of those notes can still be sought in Britain. By the time, he was the graffiti king of the world, he started looking into the art world. To showcase his work, he chose locations like empty tunnels and forgotten places. His belief was to make the art available for everyone. Of course in galleries, these art pieces are only appreciated by millionaires.

In 2005, he went to the Middle East, targeting the West Bank Wall with satirical stencils. The idea was to raise voice against Israeli militarism and oppression. Along with raising his voice against the injustice going around the world, Banksy started focusing on the art and business word.

Banksy had already taken the world by storm and businessmen started looking at him as a money making thing. In 2008, his vandalized version of Damien Hirst painting was sold for 1.8 million. A number of celebrities around the world are the fan of his artwork. It is said that Paul smith, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie are a continuous buyer of his art.

Some of his art pieces are specially sold for the benefit of locals. For instance when the “Mobile Lovers” came under an ownership dispute, Banksy himself wrote a letter supporting the club. The art was then sold for £400,000, saving the club from being sold. Recently he left his marks on the street of Venice, painting migrant child with neon pink flare.

We definitely want to see more of his art work and someday will also like to know who this Robin Hood is? Till then enjoy the amazing artworks by the Graffiti king Banksy.

With the assistance of J.Atkinson, owner and editor of Arts&Food.

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